With a land area of ​​30,688 km2, Belgium is a small country. However, it is very conveniently located in north western Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Netherlands, to the east by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to the south and west by France; in the west, the North Sea also forms a boundary.

There are barely two latitudes between the most northerly point (Meerle, 51 ° 30 ‘) and the most southerly point (Torgny, 49 ° 30’). There are four longitudes between the most westerly point (De Panne, 2 ° 33 ‘) and the most easterly (Manderfeld, 6 ° 24’) of Belgium.

The geographic centre of Belgium is located at Nil-Saint-Vincent (Walhain) in Walloon Brabant, at latitude 50 ° 38 ‘north and longitude 04 ° 40’ east.

Belgium enjoys a moderate maritime climate, with moderate temperatures, predominantly westerly winds, strong clouds and regular rainfall.

Geographically, Belgium can be divided into three regions: Low Belgium (up to 100 m altitude), Central Belgium (from 100 m to 200 m altitude) and High Belgium (from 200 m to more than 500 m altitude).